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Mönch  4107m

Four ridges, four ice walls. Numerous combinations. The most popular route heads up to the South/South-East Ridge. The Mönch is considered to be the easiest four-thousander peak of the Bernese Alps, even if there is no easy route to the summit. With the overnight stay in the Mönchsjoch Hut, the Mönch and Jungfrau routes are often combined.

Zoom: Mönch with Mönchsjoch Hut
Zoom: South/South-East Ridge

Jungfrau  4158m

The most popular Jungfrau route passes the Ostsporn and the Rottalsattel. All other routes are much longer and far more demanding. In the South the Aletsch Glacier, in the North the Swiss Midlands with the lakes, make the tour an unforgettable one.

Zoom: Jungfrau view from Mönch
Zoom: Rottalsattel

Eiger  3970m

The most popular Eiger route passes from the Mittellegi Hut to the NE-Ridge (Mittellegi Ridge). Descending via the Eigerjöcher to the Mönchsjoch Hut allows to combine additional tours to the Mönch and Jungfrau.

Zoom: Eiger 3970m
Zoom: MIttellegi ridge

Grosses Fiescherhorn 4048m

The most popular Fiescherhorn route in summer almost exclusively passes the Ewigschneefeld (Eternal snow field) and the Walcher Ridge (NW). The Grindelwald valley and the Finsteraarhorn are close enough to touch.

Zoom: Fiescherhörner
Zoom: Summit ridge Fiescherhorn

Walcherhorn 3693m

An easy preparatory, tuition or adventure tour over the S flank in a magnificent alpine mountain world. A bit more difficult, the traverse with the ascent via the NW Ridge.

Zoom: Walcherhorn

Trugberg 3932m

The North-South traverse of the Trugberg is a very impressive and highly demanding alpine mountain tour!

Zoom: Trugberg 3932m
Zoom: Trugberg traverse